Kelly Lewi

Kelly is an artist with a strong passion for visual creation, and has been honing her digital imaging skills for several years. A multifaceted creative driven to translate narratives into compelling visuals, her works intertwine storytelling, art direction and fashion. Dabbling in different genres and projects, she is often inspired by her roots, human experiences and the varied and exciting cultures of the world

M74-5 is a publication that speculates on the concept of a parallel universe bearing the same name - M74-5. It is centred on a post-humanist Indonesia where its habitants are posthumans - a race of humanoid cyborgs.

Inspired by the Indonesian culture of Barong (a Balinese mythical deity), candi religious structures and batik, the publication ponders the future of humans: as we continue to evolve what place will fashion hold in a time when our bodies are transformed into robots?

M74-5 is displayed in an artefact box: the publication being films of fashion images and futuristic Indonesian landscapes meant to be savoured through an illuminating panel.

M74-5 speculates a posthumanist Indonesian society that is rooted in Barong mythology, where beings manifest as humanoid cyborgs.

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