Brigitta Viannie Djakarya

Brigitta is an aspiring fashion practitioner who is constantly motivated by passion and creativity. She enjoys image-making, fashion styling, and digital creations. Her Indonesian heritage and culture is very close to her heart. She uses self-exploration to discover the depths in her works, herself, and anything and everything around her, as far as her mind can wander.

SELAKSANA is a publication that advocates for the empowerment of Indonesian women by bringing to light the underrepresented stories of Balinese women. This is done by using the fashion lens to help creating a forceful representation of their identity.

Through imagery and artwork, SELAKSANA aims to provoke conversations on how Balinese women are frequently sidelined in their patriarchal system. The project also attempts to break down the social inequalities they still face.

SELAKSANA turns real-life stories into fashion images with the hopes of changing perspectives, and inspiring women to recognise the strengths within them.

SELAKSANA transforms real-life experiences into fashion images with the hope of changing perceptions, and empowering women to recognise their inner strengths.

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