Divine Feminine

Belina Lim Fang Ci

A strong believer in creativity as a form of self-expression, Belina is a highly collaborative individual and team player. She is always curious and open to exploring different roles and mediums in all of her creative endeavours. Drawing inspiration from art and image making, she is constantly developing creative visual languages that will enable her to bring about her embodiment of ideas into reality.

Divine Feminine (a word play on define feminine) is a publication that focuses on the female body that is deemed as sexual and obscene to an entity that is transcendent and imbued with power, carefully constructed with purpose only procured by women.

It aims to present the multifaceted being of ‘females’ through the lens of womanhood, in celebration of finding beauty in what society deems as dishonourable and repulsive, by exploring different body changes and inherent body features. It does this by using imagery and symbolisms to provide a new perspective and representation of the body.

The narrative explores the dichotomy between shame and the sacred, the becoming of women stepping into her power, and her divine feminine.

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