Tandy Low Dean

Dabbling and experimenting in the different visual mediums of film, photography and video, Tandy has an avid passion for image making. Intrigued by various photography techniques, he is open to new ideas to create unique works. He believes that meeting new people and nurturing connections with those he works with helps expand his view and perspectives of work and life.

START is a platform for a community of preloved fashion enthusiasts and businesses that can help them increase sales and brand awareness. This is done through the production of high quality campaign visuals that target consumers to shop by using personalised algorithm accounts.

START aspires to be a progressive and diverse home for local preloved fashion businesses - a community driven platform that reimagines visual identity of pre-owned garments as objects of desire. Our mission is to build a community driven platform where we change the concept of ‘preloved’ to ‘loved’ by connecting with like-minded people towards a more sustainable future.

The main reference for the visuals is 2000s film aesthetic. The visuals aim to evoke nostalgia with viewers.

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