Lam Jing Sen, Keefe

Keefe’s interest lies in the art of self-expression through fashion, and the fashion business. Driven by his passion for fragrances and the use of mixed-mediums in his works, Keefe explores the artistry of perfume and its relation to our identities in his final-year project.

Keefe's final-year project is based on the speculation that every individual's identity is represented through their scent. SEMBLANCE is a luxury perfume brand that envisions olfactory aesthetics as a form of identity for wearers seeking to find a scent that is uniquely theirs through the personalisation of their very own perfume.

The project seeks to place emphasis on the evocative power of smell that has been undervalued in daily lives by our over-reliance on sight and sound

SEMBLANCE challenges the idea of a signature scent and innovates bespoke scents as a portrayal of an individual's identity.

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