Marilyn Kwok Jing Yi

Marilyn is a fashion creative based in Singapore. Her adventurous and curious mindset leads her to explore other fashion related industries to gain more knowledge and experience as a designer. A hardworking and self-motivated individual, Marilyn believes in fostering strong relationships with others. As a designer, she is always open to new ideas and skills that can benefit and improve her creations.

Morph is a private limited B2B next-generation producer agency that specialises in brand virtualisation. It focuses on adapting brand experiences to the virtual lifestyles of the metaverse. This is done by incorporating the latest technology with brand experiences.

Morph aims to reshape brand experiences and strengthen brand values by providing fashion businesses with a virtual event platform where consumers can ‘traverse’ from the physical world to the metaverse. This experience will be beneficial in strengthening digital footprints, and is also useful in experimenting with innovative ways to present and connect fashion brands with their target market.

Morphverse is a metaverse events platform for fashion businesses to reimagine their brand experiences.

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