Nikita Ajay Rao

Nikita Rao is an urbanite with a passion for travel and cultural exploration. She enjoys meeting new people, solving problems, and listening to people’s stories. With experience in image-making, digital design, photography, business, public relations and writing, Nikita has developed a diverse set of creative skills. Always eager to learn and stay current with the latest trends and technologies, she hopes to make her mark in the world.

CARASTI is a luxury jewellery brand that reinterprets traditional memories and heritage into the mould of modern contemporary designs of meanings.

Our designs make the wearer feel unapologetic about being Indian, and about Indian culture and heritage.

CARASTI recognises that Indians are creative, aesthetic and sensitive, and that they have unique values and traditions. It is a sustainable brand that collaborates with local artisans and uses techniques that have been around for centuries.

Exploring ideas of stories, memories and traditions, CARASTI advocates for the preservation of heritage, family identity and traditions through the personal and intimate storytelling of modern re-imagination.

A luxury Indian jewellery brand which focuses on re-imagining traditions to celebrate one’s cultural identity while reintroducing, and providing, a different perspective to what heirlooms can be.

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