Zero To All

Chua Rui Bin

Rui Bin is a Singapore-based creative who finds inspiration in culture and music. She believes art is a means of experiencing, expressing, and appreciating the world around her. Through her experimentation with different kinds of media, Rui Bin uses art as a way to express her beliefs and share her unique perspectives with others.

Zero To All is a Singaporean styling label that believes personalisation, and the exploration of different styles, can empower individuals to inspire confidence and foster a loving relationship with one's body.

The label wants to empower individuals through personalised styles that cater to their body and lifestyle. It aims to be the catalyst that allows them to experiment and express their individuality, breaking the fashion stigmas along the way.

‘Just me, myself, and I’ - The epitome of showcasing one's true self through the exploration of personalised styles.

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