Felicia Aw

Felicia is a Singapore-based multidisciplinary creative with a keen interest in art direction and entrepreneurship. Her background in fashion design and teaching art has significantly influenced her creative work. As an outgoing and introspective individual, her creative process is fuelled by her curiosity and love for exploring social-cultural topics related to psychology and philosophy. Felicia's drive in her creative journey comes from a desire to evoke emotions through her work and to connect with others. 

thisisKIN is a contemporary fashion label that aspires to redefine how disabilities are represented in fashion. This is done through empathetic design frameworks that merge materiality and aesthetics, that provide comfort, and altering how individuals perceive themselves in their environment.

The label recognises that disability does not always imply a visible mobility aid, and that invisible disabilities that hinder one’s movements, senses, or activities exist in our realities. These are often viewed with skepticism or stigma, particularly within conservative Southeast Asian communities.

By creating more inclusive designs that embody unseen lived experiences, thisisKIN hopes to inspire more marginal approaches that will pave the way to a more innovative and empathetic future in fashion.

thisisKIN enhances the dress experience by embedding unseen narratives through sensory materiality to mediate fashion and one's sense of identity.

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