Jesselyn Chellyca

Jesselyn Chellyca is an Indonesian fashion creative based in Singapore. Her passion for exploring and learning new things extends to her work as a creative. With an open mind and a willingness to experiment, Jesselyn is open to conceptualising different ideas, themes concepts. She strongly believes in originality and always delivers work that reflects her unique perspective and voice.

Meramu hopes to be able to reignite the recognition of Chinese-Indonesian cultural identity through objects and the cultural memories they hold.

The label introduces a new and elevated way for Chinese-Indonesians to celebrate and preserve their cultural identity through bags.

Meramu aims to shine a new light on the bag’s purpose, one that goes beyond just the functional and aesthetic. Bags can also hold emotional values which a person can carry with them everywhere and they go. Meramu hopes their bags are able to serve as vessels to project one's cultural story.

An effort to bring new perspectives and values in preserving the Chinese-Indonesian cultural identity.

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