Fluidity of the Venus

Vanessa Low Si Ying

Vanessa is a passionate and inquisitive individual with a diverse range of skills relating to the fashion industry and outside of it. Identity creation is important to her as she seeks to connect with her physical, emotional and spiritual self. It is through her lived experiences that she is constantly discovering and understanding new facets of herself, unravelling these newfound aspects in her fashion work. 

FLUIDITY of the VENUS is a publication that follows a woman’s journey of sensual awakening through the exploration of herself, her body, her cycles and pleasures.

Throughout its abject history, the female body has been debased due to its bodily functions and refusal to conform to a patriarchal culture that deems it impure and lacking in propriety. The female body threatens social order and semantic cleanliness as it produces fluids that transgress the bodily boundaries of the flesh. The resulting heavy sanitisation of female fluids obscures a range of emotional and physical facets related to womanhood.

Inspired by Julia Kristeva’s theory of the abjection, the 3 female archetypes represent the symbolic icons of womanhood. By disrupting the subject-object relationship, identity is created.

A publication which engages with the idea of women’s bodies and subjugation, emancipation, sexuality and desire in all of their wildest subjectivity.

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