The Ballad of the Skin of the Other

Pang Jia Wei

Pang Jia Wei is a multi-faceted individual who practises creative direction, styling and photography. He believes that fashion lies in between the realms of fantasy and reality. He aims to give his audience an understanding of what beauty has been, and can be through fashion imagery.

The Ballad of the Skin of the Other takes inspiration from Oscar Wilde's novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and explores the navigation of gay identity in Singapore. The project highlights the toxic beauty standards, cloud of judgement and manufactured masculinity that shrouds the community, issues that are not often talked about.

For a community that is supposed to celebrate inclusivity, we practise exclusivity.

The Ballad of the Skin of the Other is a fashion editorial/film that highlights the toxic masculinity and beauty standards that shrouds the gay community in Singapore.

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