The Silent Chaos: Sedated Spirals

Tay Yun Ting, Lavon

Lavon is a multifaceted creative who aspires to thrive in fashion styling, image-making and fashion journalism. Along with her background in Arts Business, her work is also inspired by an avid interest in her Eastern roots and sociology. This helps her to amalgamate and reimagine concepts to push the limits of fashion, identities and dress.

The Silent Chaos: Sedated Spirals is a provocative digital publication that confronts and explores, through the lens of fashion styling and image-making, the lived experiences and complexities of body dysmorphic disorder. Guided by the Chinese concept of Yin-Yang and Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic perspective, this project seeks to navigate the complex interplay between weakness and strength, subversion and empowerment, and mind-body reconciliation.

Through introspective inquiry, this publication provides a unique perspective on the intersection between mental health and fashion, opening up avenues for the broader dialogue and examination into the social and cultural dimensions of body image.

Fuelled by personal creative catharsis, The Silent Chaos: Sedated Spirals will ultimately contribute to the literature on fashion, mental health, and body image, while developing a deeper understanding of the impact of body dysmorphia on individuals and society.

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