Chin Meei, Alcina

Alcina’s positivity, creativity and multidisciplinary skills enable her to tackle challenges with determination. Her empathetic nature and communicative skills helps her to connect with others, making her an effective and integral collaborator in creative works. Alcina’s passion for photography and storytelling inspires her to capture, in her work, the subtle and hidden details often missed in busy lives, reminding us of the beauty and importance of slowing down to appreciate the world around us.

Epoch is a publication that seeks to provide new perspectives for individuals, by individuals. It is intended to mark the beginning of a significant period in one's life, steering the fashion industry in Singapore towards embracing ageing and diverse aspects of beauty as a means of building individuality. The publication encompasses a collection of stories that feature elderly members of Singapore's population.

Our society is shaped by social constructs and stereotypes which are often perpetuated by the media we consume. And as we grow older, societal expectations dictate that we conform to certain values and beliefs.  Appreciating that every person is unique, and that age should not be the sole determinant of our worth, Epoch aims to encourage readers to break out of their comfort zones, to embrace the ageing process and at the same time, to express their individuality through fashion.

Epoch celebrates age, fashion, and individuality while challenging societal norms in Singapore.

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