Eunice Thor Yan Ni

Eunice is a fashion illustrator with a background in animation. She integrates fashion imagery seamlessly into her pieces to create thought-provoking and visually stunning works. With her passion for fashion and a curiosity about Chinese philosophy, she blends her varied interests to create a unique perspective for her designs. She is driven by the belief that fashion and design can challenge social norms and shape culture.

This project aims to shift consumer consciousness by highlighting how Confucianism, and its corresponding lifestyle, can help reduce the massive waste caused by consumerism and consumption among Generation Z and Millennials.

Reappropriating archival images and photos along with her graphic illustrations, Eunice uses contemporary fashion imagery and collages to depict fashion brands and products. It pokes fun at consumerism, and demonstrates the contrasting values between Confucianism and consumerism.

Fashion collages explore the conflict between consumerism and Confucianism values, challenging the viewer to reconsider their consumption habits.

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