Chloe Wong Jingying

Chloe Wong is a driven individual whose interest lies in fashion branding, marketing and styling. She is always eager to expand her skills and is determined to make her mark in the fashion industry. Her work explores the various themes of fashion with nods to nostalgia, and is influenced by Asian culture and traditions.

THIS IS US LOR is a publication which aims to forge a connection between one’s cultural identity and fashion through the process of fashion styling.

A celebration of the different cultures in Singapore, this publication aims to bring a sense of nostalgia and belonging to the current generation, with the hope that they will develop an appreciation for their own cultural heritage.

Showcasing a melange of traditional elements along with contemporary silhouettes, THIS IS US LOR delves into the discourse that surrounds traditional wear.

A celebration of the amalgamation of different cultures in Singapore through the medium of fashion styling.

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