Small But Certain Happiness.

Nguyen Tran Xuan Hanh

Xuan Hanh is a Creative Direction for Fashion student at Lasalle College of the Arts. She is trained to oversee and guide the creative vision and aesthetic direction of a brand or campaign. Her drive in the creative process comes from her ability to analyse, comprehend and understand intimately the brand or campaign. Her insights and experiences enables her to create a cohesive and effective advertising campaign that aligns with the brand's identity and message.

The project aims to expand the customer base of Beyond The Vines (BTV) in the consumerist culture of South Korea. It aims to do this by creating relatable content for the GenZ target market. The big idea of  Small but Certain Happiness will be emphasised, reminding young people that happiness can be found in small, simple things.

The marketing campaign will showcase BTV products in daily life without explaining their function, building an image of well-designed products that is accessible to everyone. Focusing on visually appealing campaign videos, the project seeks to catch the audience's attention and convert them into potential consumers.

The project applies digital marketing strategies and social media knowledge to propose a campaign that aims to build brand awareness and increase market share worldwide. This is a creative and viable proposal with an IMC plan, including market research, objectives, communication, media, and tone strategies for a digital promotion plan.

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