esthétique de la vieille monnaie

Izzah Fathin Bte Safaruddin

Izzah is a creative individual with a great passion for fashion design, tailoring and styling. Her other interests include creative journaling and vlogging. As an aspiring designer, she pays a great deal of attention to details and quality, and is enthusiastic to discover more of what the fashion industry can offer. Her work reflects her feminine personality and the romanticising of the beauty of life, and she hopes that one day her creations can empower women.

The project is inspired by the discreet elegance of old money aesthetic but told through a modern point of view. The trend now is investing in classic and timeless high-quality neutral coloured pieces that are versatile, and with a focus on craftsmanship.

The old money aesthetic can be easily moulded onto many personalities, with the added value of  practicality and being conscious-minded.

Creating a timeless wardrobe that can be worn for years to come is an attractive concept, even if the lifestyle associated with it seems unattainable

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