William Oh Jin Xing

William is a hard-working and highly motivated person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task he undertakes. Having a great interest in fashion and music, he possesses a keen instinct for the latest trends and happenings in the youth culture.

Tradestop is a one-stop luxury fashion trading platform that aims to combat the negative impact caused by reselling: unfriendly communities, the overly high prices of sneakers and fraudulent products.

Created as an alternative for fashion enthusiasts, Tradestop will be the go-to platform for the trading of luxury fashion products. It incorporates AI-technology authentication and emphasises community building within the Southeast Asian market.

We believe that only through the ethical and efficient trading of fashion products that fashion be sustainable and affordable. It will also help build tight knit communities of fashion enthusiasts.

Tradestop uses AI and PBT/NFT technology to help authenticate and track your luxury products, and helps build communities of fashion enthusiasts.

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