Michelle Lee JingYing

Michelle is a highly passionate and enthusiastic fashion creative with a strong interest in art direction and styling. An entrepreneurial at heart, she is a self-motivated and result-oriented individual. Along with her avid interest in fashion, Michelle also enjoys self-learning 3D design and exploring new creative avenues.

ALTERSYNC* is a new virtual influencer agency based in Singapore. It is dedicated to bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds by designing virtual influencers that are an extension of a real person's identity.  With the belief that creative and immersive content is key in engaging with target audiences and increasing brand awareness, ALTERSYNC* offers affordable and accessible virtual influencer options to businesses.

Their first virtual influencer, ASTER*, is a self-proclaimed ‘ahlian’ cyborg influencer who embodies the extended self of her creator. By pushing the boundaries of digital realms and exploring new areas of creativity through advanced technology, ASTER* is set to revolutionise the virtual influencer world.

ASTER* by ALTERSYNC* is a self-proclaimed ‘ahlian’ cyborg influencer from Singapore who embodies the extended self of her creator. She is a groundbreaker who defies societal norms with her unconventional sense of style, and strives to bring back the "ahlian" community and define what it takes to be a virtual ’ahlian’ influencer in this current society.

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