Pratyusha Prasad Borgaonkar

Pratyusha is keen on learning new techniques and methods that will help her become a versatile fashion designer. Her interest in fashion focuses on experimental silhouettes and the study of tailoring techniques. She is inspired by her Indian culture and everyday objects that inform her creative works.

Arrangements is a menswear collection with a focus on creative cutting and tailoring. It looks at the mannerisms of ritualistic practices in India and uncovers the metaphors communicated within them. This collection is an interpretation of these values and objects found in the nexus of rituals.

For this collection, a mix of experimental and technical pattern drafting methods is explored. The silhouettes are created as a response to the research, and as an interpretation of the findings, and they try to communicate the core values of the above-mentioned rituals. To create a centered collection communicating the essence of research, the works will also include styles and garments from the post-colonial era to balance the experimental silhouettes.

The collection will also include accessories and embellishments inspired by the object-oriented identification of the rituals. These accessories will be embellished with brass motifs since it's a common metal used in vessels and objects of ritualistic mannerisms.

Key Words - portrait of thoughtful arrangements, spiritual, authoritative silhouettes

Arrangements is a collection that explores a mix of experimental and technical pattern drafting methods that communicates the essence of mannerisms of ritualistic practices.

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