Foo Yi Wen

Yi Wen's creative focus is in exploring the transformative power of clothing, and the challenging of traditional beauty standards. As a designer her work priorities the enhancement of the wearer, and she creates body-hugging silhouettes and sensual clothing to empower the female gaze. Yi Wen uses fashion as a means of self-expression and empowerment. 

Yi Wen is inspired by the concept of Metamorphosis through the act of undressing: the act of dressing and undressing is a private activity during which we transform from one identity to another. (Goffman)

Her collection, Fragments, challenges the notions of beauty and ideology through the use of sensual clothing to enhance the wearer’s relationship with their bodies, using garments to find solidarity and inner peace within oneself and to give voice to that with which we identify ourselves and rediscover our bodies once again. Enclothed cognition theory suggests that dressing a certain way can influence one’s emotions and self-perception. Hence, sensual dressing is a form of power dressing that prioritizes the female gaze.

Fragments challenge beauty and ideology through sensual clothing, enhancing the wearer's relationship with their body and encouraging self-discovery.

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