Farah Sudiro

Exploring the depths of fashion's ability to shape social identity, Farah’s creations are a celebration of individuality and an ode to the transformative power of art. Through the unconventional use of material and silhouettes, Farah conjures a world of imagination that captivates and transports the wearer to a realm of pure magic, inspiring a new wave of self-expression.

INTROVERTPARTY showcases the beauty of introversion, a trait characterized by a preference for one's inner world over external social interactions. Through experimental silhouettes, this collection unveils the intricacies of the introverted psyche through the playful and exaggerated portrayal of shyness in body language and behavior.

The 6-look gender neutral collection offers interchangeable wardrobe foundations along with artistic wearables, creating a unique self-donning language one articulates through play. The interactivity imbued within each piece plays between the conflicting state of entering into one’s intro-and-extroverted dispositioning, representing the personality spectrum through the juxtaposition of silence and noise as a negotiation between being reserved and outspoken.

INTROVERTPARTY celebrates introversion through playful silhouettes and exaggerated portrayals of shyness in interchangeable wardrobe pieces. Each piece embodies the intro-extrovert spectrum, representing the negotiation between being reserved and outspoken.

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