White Canvas

Jerome Heng Yong Jian

Jerome is a budding designer whose creations focus on self-identity & self-expression. His works also take on approaches like upcycling & deconstruction.

White Canvas uses the white t-shirt as a medium and form of communication for the wearer’s identity. These t-shirts are combined with end-of-roll fabrics, repurposed and transformed into various garments for this collection.

The use of upcycling and deconstruction techniques not only promotes sustainability, but also reduces waste and allows for a diverse range of colours to be incorporated. The resulting pieces are one-of-a-kind and unique, reflecting the individuality and complexity of the third culture identity.

White Canvas is an abstract take on sustainable fashion. The collection promotes individuality and sustainability through the use of upcycling and deconstruction techniques, and the concept of the third culture identity.

Upcycling through donated garments and end-of-roll fabrics.

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