Have You Eaten Yet?

Alison Oh Jing Rou

Alison is an accomplished fashion designer with expertise in the tailoring, draping, and deconstruction of womenswear She believes that communication is vital to her design process, and sees fashion as a powerful tool for conveying her unique message. Alison has an insatiable curiosity and is continually pushing the boundaries of contemporary fashion by infusing elements of traditional style in her work.

The Have You Eaten Yet? collection is a womenswear line designed to facilitate an intimate communication between the wearer and their loved ones through versatile customisable pieces.

Drawing on personal experiences and cultural observations, Alison recognised the differences in interpersonal interactions between Asian and Western communities. Within Asian families, verbal expressions of affection are often substituted by gestures of care, where gestures like asking “Have you eaten yet?”  is a sign of concern for a loved one's well-being.

Inspired by the communal tradition of sharing a dim sum meal at the dining table, this collection aims to encourage more physical expressions of affection such as hugging to bridge the cultural gap and foster deeper connections.

Have You Eaten Yet? is a womenswear collection inspired by dim sum culture that encourages hugging as a means of expressing affection 

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