Unbearable Bodies

Jennie Louisse Cornelio Amio

Jennie Amio’s design philosophy centers around the concept of identity and the complexities of self-expression. She views fashion as a powerful tool for conveying personal narratives that are important to her. She challenges the current perceptions of what plus-size fashion is, and explores the possibilities of what it could be. By doing so, she hopes to bring greater visibility and inclusivity to the fashion industry.

Despite a growing need for inclusive size ranges, the fashion industry is falling short in terms of size innovation and representation. This lack of options for plus-size consumers makes it challenging for them to cultivate their unique identities, especially when restrictive designs dominate the market.

To tackle these issues, the Unbearable Bodies collection draws inspiration from influential artists who explore the themes of body and size. By challenging conventional ideas of "beauty-enhancing" clothing, the collection seeks to shatter barriers and emphasize the significance of innovation in plus-size fashions, empowering wearers to embrace their individuality

Jennie challenges the conventional notions of plus-size fashion, bending and reshaping rules to empower wearers to embrace their identities.

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