Im Yebin
South Korea

Yebin is a fashion designer who thinks outside the box and uses digital means to communicate her designs. She has a strong grasp of the fashion industry and is always looking for ways to innovate. Her unique blend of traditional design techniques and use of modern technology has gained her recognition in the fashion world, especially for her expertise in digital fashion design and communication.

The designer's latest collection draws inspiration from personal experiences with an educational system that imposed strict rules and stifled individual thought. Although a -part of them desired to rebel against this system, another part found comfort in the established structure.

The collection seeks to challenge the dichotomy between conformity and rebellion by exploring new forms of self-expression in fashion. Through this collection, the designer hopes to initiate a conversation about the suppression of individual freedom, and the influence of societal norms on fashion. The collection seamlessly blends the old and the new, the established and the rebellious and even between the physical and digital.

With this project, the designer aims to spark a conversation on the impact of societal norms on fashion through the use of digital and physical mediums.

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