Roshwan Sai

Roshwan Sai believes that every image tells a story and every outfit is a character in its own right. He takes inspiration from fashion film and magazines to create images that capture the essence of his subjects, aiming for an authentic and elevated representation of their stories.

For three decades, Lion City Hardcore (LCHC) has been at the forefront of the Southeast Asian hardcore punk scene, nurturing local bands and fostering their resilience. The documentary sheds light on LCHC's role in promoting hardcore music as a tool to address mental health challenges. Scheduled for release in May, during Mental Health Awareness Month, the project pays homage to the Samaritans of Singapore's helpline, "1-767". Through the stories of LCHC's new-gen bands, the documentary aims to raise awareness about mental health issues and the healing power of music within the hardcore punk community.

The documentary features two Lion City Hardcore bands reshaping the scene with their vocal stance on mental health awareness.

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