Dorog Phoebe Grace Juban

Phoebe Dorog crafts narratives and creates art to provoke reflection and access audiences' emotions. Her creative drive stems from a willingness to challenge limits and explore emotional depth. Her work is rooted in her personal experiences and is facilitated by her affinity for innovative methods.

The project focuses on developing a sustainable fashion brand called Grae/Area, which specialises in crochet and knitwear. The goal is to provide personalised, ethically sourced garments tailored to individual styles, blending Filipino heritage with contemporary design. Sustainability remains a core focus, balanced with affordability and fashion-forward styles. Through transparent communication and engaging storytelling, the project aims to empower consumers to make conscious fashion choices while challenging industry norms.

Grae/Area intertwines Filipino heritage with modern design, offering ethically sourced, personalised crochet and knitwear for conscious consumers.

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