Audrey Lee Si Ling

Audrey Lee Si Ling's deep connection with wildlife and the outdoors drives her creative process, intertwining art with the beauty of life and nature. She expresses herself through textiles, design, and media, believing that embracing individuality enriches every aspect of life.

JunkPirate draws inspiration from the sea, aiming to unite nature and art to inspire and create a positive impact. Through biomimicry, they integrate elements of nature into their work, celebrating the beauty of the natural world. By transforming marine debris like ghost nets, tyres, and plastic into wearable art pieces, they craft garments that are visually stunning and meaningful. Operating on a pay-what-you-can basis, a significant portion of their proceeds support coral restoration and conservation projects, allowing every purchase to contribute to a more substantial cause.

JunkPirate repurposes marine trash into impactful wearable art, bridging nature and art through biomimicry and a love for the sea.

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