Syukri Grey Ahmad

Syukri Grey Ahmad is a fashion communicator adept at merging artistry with commerce. He focuses on elevating brand identities and collections in fashion through captivating narratives and strategic marketing. He innovates by exploring artificial intelligence in fashion, seeking to encourage creativity and dynamism in the industry.

2702 ABSURDITY champions audacious self-expression by merging sportswear and street style to challenge fashion norms. Drawing from personal experiences and familial legacy, the brand celebrates individuality and empowerment. With a target audience aged 18 to 35 valuing self-expression and creativity, its collections redefine dress codes, encouraging confidence and uniqueness. Anchored in creativity and community, 2702 ABSURDITY offers a unique proposition, combining idiosyncrasy with a forward-thinking vision for fashion. More than a brand, it is a movement inviting individuals to rewrite style rules and embrace the beauty of their absurdity.

2702 ABSURDITY merges sportswear and street style to defy fashion norms, celebrating individuality and empowerment for a creative, confident audience.

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