Feng Yu

Feng Yu demonstrates her passion for fashion media and the industry through her creativity and dedication. With a keen eye for design and a love for storytelling, Feng Yu is determined to innovate and inspire in the fashion world.

MOWEI is a brand specialising in fashionable protective garments that shield individuals from radiation. It aims to address the pressing need for innovative protective wear that merges style, functionality, and sustainability. Focused on empowering everyday people and frontline workers, the brand seeks to raise awareness of the health risks associated with nuclear water pollution. It offers practical solutions prioritising personal protection and environmental preservation. Through its distinctive products, "MOWEI" endeavours to pioneer a paradigm shift in the protective wear industry towards a safer, more stylish, and sustainable future.

MOWEI merges style, functionality, and sustainability, offering fashionable protective wear that addresses pollution for individuals and frontline workers.

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