Saranya Piyaphan

Saranya Piyaphan, an aspiring creative, is passionate about innovative problem-solving. Rooted in her values, she addresses industry and societal needs through creativity and technology. She pioneers solutions that resonate with today's challenges through self-exploration and a thirst for knowledge.

Abani is a business-to-business (B2B) company committed to revolutionising the leather industry through responsible materials sourcing and environmental consciousness. Besides supplying leather goods, we provide comprehensive consultation services, guiding businesses towards sustainable practices and ethical sourcing. Our journey began with a vision to integrate environmental values into our operations, prioritising materials sourced from suppliers who share our ethos of ethical and sustainable practices. Committed to reducing our carbon footprint, we implement energy-efficient and innovative production methods. Beyond products and consultation, we foster a sustainable culture, engaging with businesses and advocating for positive change within the industry.

Abani transforms the leather industry by sourcing responsibly and promoting environmental consciousness, offering goods, and consulting to promote sustainability and ethics.

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