Thirza Ariance Lilingan Lodo

Thirza Ariance Lilingan Lodo, a dedicated fashion designer, creates cutting-edge contemporary fashion that fuses innovative shapes with practical design elements. She ensures her garments are high-performing, visually captivating, and comfortable for the wearer.

Gen Z faces an unprecedented behavioural health crisis: US Gen Zers surveyed by McKinsey reported the least optimistic outlook and the highest prevalence of mental illness of any generation struggling with self-stigma. This pessimism is fueled by growing global unrest, wars, disruption, financial crises, and educational interruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This collection aims to use fashion as a gateway for self-expression and connection, celebrating escapism and imagination through maximalism and performative fashion. Inspired by artificial gardens, the collection infuses circular shapes found in macro photography of flowers. Additionally, "dopamine dressing" is explored for colour choices.

Thirza's collection celebrates escapism and imagination, using maximalist and performative fashion as a gateway to self-expression and connection.

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