Sangavaii Ravikumar

Sangavaii Ravikumar's innovative textiles and cutting-edge designs showcase her passion for experimentation and unwavering commitment to craftsmanship. Her blend of traditional techniques with contemporary aesthetics is driven by a quest for authentic creative expression and a desire to challenge conventions.

Where women are pressured to conform to restrictive beauty standards, wearing sensual clothing may be considered rebellion and self-assertion. This project addresses how many find empowerment in celebrating their bodies and challenging norms. One's value is not determined by others but by self-confidence and self-expression. The project encourages respect for women's clothing choices, emphasising individual autonomy and freedom from judgment. It fosters inclusivity and diverse expressions of empowerment through style, acknowledging the interplay between agency and societal expectations.

Women reclaim autonomy through sensual clothing that challenge beauty norms, promote self-expression and respect, and foster inclusivity.

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