Caché Révélé

Puteri Nur Ariza Mohammad

Puteri Nur Ariza Mohammad's current focus is on digital garments and textiles. Her passion for innovative approaches to art-making includes multicultural and multidisciplinary methods. This passion foregrounds her drive to set new market standards in the creative industry and lead meaningful projects.

This project explores the intersection of polar opposites and individual expression. Inspired by iconic figures such as Leigh Bowery, it celebrates the boldness of self-expression and challenges conventional norms. Through contrasting presentations, the project invites viewers on a journey of artistic exploration, where nonconformity and the celebration of individuality take centre stage. With an emphasis on tradition, provocation, and disruption, each piece tells a story of defiance, comfort, and liberation, inviting audiences to embrace their true selves in a world of boundless possibilities.

A thought-provoking exploration of tradition, modernity, and identity, pushing fashion's boundaries through cultural hybridity.

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