Joselin Marvina Wongso

Joselin Marvina Wongso intertwines sustainability with contemporary styles through innovative design and eco-conscious thinking. She envisions a new era for fashion that balances trendiness with ethical practices. Each of her collections sparks dialogue about the importance of sustainability, inspiring the next generation to embrace eco-friendly fashion choices and redefine the industry's standards.

"Crease" takes inspiration from the precision of origami, meticulously designing each garment to minimise waste during production. Through experimentation and thoughtful design choices, the collection explores the fusion of garment-making techniques with the art of paper folding, utilising the crease folds created along the construction process. With every fold and stitch, this collection demonstrates the potential for style and sustainability to coexist harmoniously in the fashion industry.

"Crease" merges sustainability with style, minimising production waste and pushing fashion's boundaries with origami-inspired collections.

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