Shadows Unveiled

Jocelynne Pricilia Cantona

Jocelynne Pricilia Cantona, who specialises in textiles, blends bold colours and organic elements in her creations. Inspired by her heritage, she merges traditional Indonesian techniques such as Batik with nature's colours and shapes. Focusing on environmental and cultural sustainability, she contemporises Indonesian age-old crafts with a Western twist. Jocelynne's designs embody tradition, innovation, and global consciousness, appealing to mindful consumers worldwide.

Aiming to introduce Batik to a broader, younger audience by infusing it with Western culture, this collection seeks to make a dramatic impact, leaving a trail of ambiguity for viewers. Drawing inspiration from the painting technique of tenebrism and incorporating new batik motifs, it showcases an interplay of harsh shadow and light. Traditional flower batik motifs are reimagined through collages of flower photography from diverse perspectives, defying traditional imagery. Silhouettes inspired by the Italian Renaissance era, with voluminous skirts and sleeves, further enhance the fusion and create a strong impression.

Infusing Batik with Western culture, this collection presents dramatic designs with tenebrism influence and innovative motifs.

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