Keya Prajapati

Keya Prajapati is a textile designer passionate about the intricate art of embroidery. With a keen eye for cultural nuances, she weaves dynamic narratives inspired by the rich tapestry of people and places. Her creative process is a reflective journey that showcases her Indian-Singaporean heritage, integrating diverse hues and textures into designs that embrace tradition and modernity.

"Kumhari" is a tribute to the skilled female artisans of India's Khavda village and their dedication to hand-painted pottery. Each garment reflects their timeless techniques, weaving heritage and craftsmanship. The collection stands for ethical fashion, championing traditional practices amidst mass production. It invites a deeper connection to nature and Indian culture, imprinting cherished memories onto objects. "Kumhari" is a beacon, guiding towards a future where artisanal culture thrives, and ethical fashion practices are celebrated.

The collection emphasises handwork and embroidery, using recycled silk sari yarns spun by women artisans, highlighting precision and collaboration.

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