Chirag Kamra

Chirag Kamra specialises in printmaking and digital design, drawing inspiration from India's rich crafts and incorporating mark-making techniques. He embraces organised chaos and the dynamic nature of his artistic process. Led by curiosity, he seeks continuous learning and innovation, driving his efforts to enhance the fashion ecosystem through innovative designs and production processes.

Terra, a fashion brand, merges emotional connections with nature's beauty and textile craftsmanship. Each piece showcases organic textures, celebrating imperfections and the tactile allure of handmade creations. Terra provokes thought about humanity's relationship with nature through virtual fashion, immersive experiences, and expressionist visuals. Terra redefines fashion's boundaries by supporting artisanal production, emphasising value and conscious consumption while encouraging reflection on fashion, nature, and consumption habits in a changing world.

Terra redefines fashion, emphasising conscious consumption and prompting reflection on fashion and nature in a changing world.

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