Dou Yufei

Dou Yufei, a fashion and textile designer, excels in handcrafting and is passionate about intricate designs and unorthodox combinations of materials with textiles. Her style references her hometown in China, drawing inspiration from the traditional cultures and observations of daily life. She embraces new challenges with courage and enthusiasm and is adept at learning new skills. Her research centres on hand embroidery, Miao batik, and garment matching.

In the fast-paced era of media development, news comes and goes quickly. Few people explore the stories behind our intangible cultural heritage, causing these stories to disappear gradually.

"Lianshi 莲时" is a textile collection based on the belief in exploring the stories behind our intangible cultural heritage, urging us to stop and listen to the tales of the past while carving out our own style.

The collection narrates the story of Miao batik, primarily using Miao batik technique and drawing inspiration from nature and ancient Chinese cultural elements. It aims to preserve and innovate the intangible cultural heritage of Miao batik by integrating it with modern Chinese trends. Each pattern has its unique story. Dou Yufei hopes that through Lianshi Textile, young people in China can delve deeper into the stories behind traditional cultural creations and pass them on.

"Lianshi 莲时" draws from nature and ancient Chinese culture, blending Miao batik craftsmanship with modern trends, preserving and sharing ancestral stories.

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