Cherlin Faye Valdeavilla

Cherlin Faye Valdeavilla focuses on functionality in pattern-cutting in womenswear, ensuring comfort for the wearer. Through her innovative method of transforming and combining garments and bags, she pushes the boundaries of style and functionality for women.

"Portmanteauwear" is a testament to fashion's transformative force. It is a collection that blends garments and bags, embodying the brand's innovative approach to fashion. Inspired by 17th-century reticules and 1940s practical wear, it merges elegance and functionality. Pockets, revered symbols, offer both safety and style. This collection honours women, addressing overproduction and gender norms. It champions inclusivity, empowerment, and resilience, redefining fashion's purpose.

"Portmanteauwear" blends garments and bags, merging elegance and functionality to honour women and redefine fashion for inclusivity and empowerment.

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