Under the Banners of Secular Faith

Liew Ke Tong, Phoebe

Phoebe Liew is a tenacious, self-motivated individual who excels in all endeavours. Highly motivated by new experiences and changes in a dynamic environment, she finds great fulfilment in creating impactful work that involves innovation and creativity to produce strategic problem-solving results. Phoebe's creative approach extends to exploring nonconformist subjects. She leverages on her knowledge to challenge societal norms, and to find solutions to contemporary issues through different mediums.

Modesty is an attitude of humility and decency that is deeply rooted in religious and cultural traditions. In many faiths, including Christianity, modesty is seen as an essential aspect of spiritual life, reflecting a person's commitment to humility, purity, and reverence for God. It is expressed not only through dress and behaviour, but also in speech, thought, and attitudes. However, in the modern world, where fashion and personal expressions hold a significant place in society, the concept of modesty has become a topic of growing concern and debate. Some argue that the pursuit of individuality and self-expression through fashion can often conflict with traditional religious values of modesty and propriety.

Under the Banners of Secular Faith explores religion beyond the mere symbols existing within the context of Singapore’s conservative Chinese upbringing. It re-lenses the ‘right and true’ path for the Asian and Christian GenZ female by shifting the perspective of faith and identity, allowing the reconnection of self to religion.

Under the Banners of Secular Faith reframes religion for the Asian and Christian GenZ female to reconnect their identity with their faith.

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