Sewing the Souls

Geolin Tan Yu Ping

Geolin is a multidisciplinary creative and polyglot who believes fashion is an artistic expression of design and feelings. She is a dedicated and empathetic learner with an eye for unique perspectives. Along with her background in fashion design, she also specialises in image-making, styling, and illustration.

In examining her aesthetic influences, the artist’s cultural identity plays a significant role. Her passion is to create and challenge fashion language notions.

Sewing the Souls is a publication that pays homage to Singaporean women of Chinese heritage, the Chinese arts, and customary clothing. It aims to reclaim this forgotten Chinese heritage and identity for today's youth through the reinterpretation of ethnic wear from a modern perspective, along with an amalgamation of contemporary visions.

This project envisages a future where this generation will embrace their ethnic roots, and will be inspired to be innovative in their styling expression.

Sewing the Souls is a contemporary styling project dedicated to reconnecting this generation of youth with Chinese heritage through the modernisation of traditional attire.

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