The Girl That Made Crochet Cool

Muhammad Zikry bin Rosli

Zikry has a strong passion for fashion. He really loves to style himself and others. He also loves to experiment and is always willing to try new things. His dreams of being part of the New York City fashion scene pushes him in his creative process

This project is a documentary which features the main story of a person who has impacted local Gen Zs with his/her creativity and uniqueness. For our project, we focused on the craft of crochet. This documentary shows the simple and creative process of the craft as well as behind the scenes footage of how this person creates works for themselves and their business.

We get to know what are their design inspirations, the various crochet techniques, and insights on personal styling. The footage features many close up shots of crochet techniques and a few time lapse scenes that shows the handcrafting process of producing the crochet pieces.

To show that crochet is more than just simple designs; it can be unique and different.

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