Wear your joy, back to nostalgia

Dong Qi

Dong Qi is a design creative who is open-minded and positive with a determined attitude. Her interest includes learning more about social media, basic business marketing strategies and digital fashion trends. She is also interested in fashion styling and magazine design, and is always eager to learn and explore new skills to create fresh ideas and solutions.

This project features the new campaign Wear your Joy. Back to nostalgia that focuses on how Lacoste uses its bold and innovative style and designs to appeal to various age groups: Gen-Zs, Millennials, and working adults.

The campaign's core idea is to break people’s inherent cognition through activities that will create wonderful and joyful experiences with the brand. This will enable people to feel the new direction of Lacoste and increase brand recognition. Fans of Lacoste are also encouraged to dress creatively with a nostalgic style, and they will be given tips to help them become a fashion icon.

The campaign also suggests promotional tactics that will effectively guide consumers to choose their preferred products.

This project consists of two parts: the launch of the campaign (the crocodile fun walk) and the pop-up store (which is a vintage-style DIY DIMOO with Lacoste leather goods display).

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