Bussy Temple's Lethal Fantasies

Martina Aquaro

Martina is a creative in love with various art mediums such as fashion, tattooing, knitwear, metal working and painting. Her creative drive manifests itself in so many different forms. Surrounding herself with amazing creative individuals, she is always finding ways to incorporate her surroundings and experiences into her creative endeavours, pushing her to keep creating constantly.

A visual exhibition of the thriving queer community in Singapore, showcasing the pure blooming of the expression of self through fashion, music and raves. Creating a safe space for queer, trans, fem and non-binary folk to commune and fulfil their most lethal fantasies which can only exists in a vacuum. And that space is Bussy Temple. An almost spiritual rendezvous that allows everyone to be anyone for a night, encouraging the celebration of queer identity, and individualism.

This project is to give a voice and platform to Bussy Temple, to showcase the values behind the collective and unveil what raves mean to them.

Visuals from the Bussy Temple universe.

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