It’s time for fun!

Kwok Chun Yin

Chun Yin is a dynamic and versatile creative with a strong passion for fashion. Her diverse background in dance, acting, design and modelling allows her to approach things from different angles and inspiring her to create original and imaginative works. As part of her final year project, she collaborated with Beyond The Vines to create a campaign in Japan that focuses on everyday activities, and how the brand can bring happiness to those small moments in life.

It’s time for fun! is a launch campaign for Beyond The Vines aimed at bringing pure joy to people’s lives. Shot in two iconic locations - Singapore-West Coast Park and Aliwal Street, - the campaign features a series of fun and playful videography and photography visuals filled with a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

The campaign aims to inspire people to take a break from their busy lives and enjoy the simple pleasures of life, whether it’s having a healthy work-life balance, spending more time with loved ones or simply taking a walk down the street. It’s time to have some fun!

It’s time for fun! campaign by Beyond The Vines aims to inspire people to have fun and enjoy life’s little movements.

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