Micro Wonderland

Felicia Tan

Felicia is an Indonesian creative with a passion for fashion, craft and design. She loves to learn and explore new things. Majoring in Creative Direction for Fashion, her works tend to be colourful and often experiments with different elements.

Micro Wonderland is a digital marketing campaign that features a world unlike any other, where every corner holds a new adventure. Along with messages of the brand Beyond the Vines, the campaign seeks to capture the familiarity of each world and will appeal to anyone all the time in all the different ways.

Micro Wonderland will also feature the brand’s micro dumpling bags in 3 different worlds -  Blooming Sakura, Baseball Game and Childhood Toys. The selection of colours brings a touch of fun and playfulness to your adventure.

Micro Wonderland will make you feel the joy it brings to your life.

Three different worlds: Blooming Sakura, Baseball Game and Childhood Toys.

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