Engaging Beyond Time and Space

Gao Yuchun

Yuchun is very interested in the culture of fashion and the industry behind it. She wants the audience to see her creative fashion work with different visual perceptions. For her final year project, she incorporated 3D and Metaverse elements into the work with her own unique, creative flair.

This project is the new Lacoste campaign, 'Engaging Beyond Time and Space’. The campaign features a metaverse visual space for audiences to come together through digital integration, which allows more people in Singapore and around the world to connect beyond time and space. It consists of a series of 3D virtual reality and digital events that aim to change the stereotypical image of Lacoste that GenZ have of the brand.

The project brings a different visual experience to the audiences with 3D elements and a Roblox metaverse space they can explore.

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